“But something was missing and I wanted to bring a new way of doing church into our area.”

I grew up in a family that loved God and led us to love Him as well. We moved all over America to serve Him. When I was eight years old, my minister Dad, one of God’s good guys and a private pilot, died in a plane crash along with a brother. I learned very early on as a child that life was brief and could end at any time.So, I became enamored about the meaning of life and what matters for in this life and the next. Several years later my Mom remarried to another minister and we settled in Charlotte. But something was still unsettled in me.

I grew into a young man who served the local church and then established a career in University life. All along, I was sharing Christ in the lives of numerous local churches. I got married to Andrea, my college sweetheart, had three great children, and settled in for life in the suburbs of the major metropolitan city where I grew up. In the early part of the year 2000, God began stirring something inside me. A vision was growing, taking shape, and would soon be birthed as a brand new church. The Pointe began deep down in my heart when I looked around at the way church was being done and said, “There has got to be another way!” I went to and often served in churches that should have been making a more powerful impact. But something was missing and I wanted to bring a new way of doing church into our area. The vision became my magnificent obsession. Someone put it this way, “To REACH those no one else is reaching we must DO what no one else is doing. The Pointe began in the spring of 2001 when Andrea, my wife, and our children partnered along with a small group of families who were captivated by this vision. From a handful of people around a kitchen table, we have grown to a community church that reaches 1000-1500 people regularly. Our mission is “To lead people to take their next step on their journey with Christ by loving, becoming like, and sharing Jesus Christ.”